Golden Dew Serum - The Ultimate Face Oil

Golden Dew Serum is the ultimate, multi-correctional face oil that you will ever need. Formulated with 31 highly active and nutrient-rich botanicals that provide free-radical anti-oxidant protection, nourishing fatty acids that deliver mega moisture to skin, anti-bacterial phytonutrients with properties that help strengthen skin, and provide nourishment and support for cell regeneration and collagen health. Golden Dew Serum is a boost to mature skin with Vitamins C + E that help restore elasticity, soothing dry skin and helping keep skin toned and plumped. 

HOW TO USE: Place 4-6 drops in the palm of your hands, press them together, then gently massage Golden Dew Serum into all areas of your face. Use alone or layer with Cloud, our rich, nighttime balm.


Grape Seed: High in linoleic acid with high levels of Vitamin E. Keeps moisture in, contains flavonol proanthocyanidin which acts to help strengthen and support collagen. Grape Seed is full of antioxidants, nutrients, fatty acids and omega 6. It improves skin texture and is anti-inflammatory as well as nourishes the skin, helping to repair and nourish tissue.

Hazelnut: Hight in Vitamin E and rich in linolic acid, strengthening the skins elasticity. Has 75% oleic acid and combined with tannins it naturally benefits the skin by promoting circulation. The generous amount of squalene content nourishes skin lipids.

Avocado: Very high in Omegas and Vitamin A and E along with anti-oxidants. Avocado helps tighten, smooth and nourish the skin. It's rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cell strengthening phosophopids which support cell and collagen health.The Vitamin A carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental damage. Avocado is so good for dry or depleted skin.

Camellia Seed: High in oleic acid - 80% of Camellia Seed is from tea plants which are high in tannins. This ingredient can tame over productive sebaceous glands that cause oily skin. The astringent properties help rebalance and protect. This ingredient is native to Japan.

Jojoba: This ingredient is considered the Holy Grail of ingredients as it mimics the consistency of our own sebum. It has a light moisturizing feel, absorbs easily and helps increase sebum levels that can help reduce wrinkles. Joboba is rich in Vitamin E and has anti-oxidant protection.

Pomegranate: Rich in Omega 5, Pomegranate is so good for mature skin that has thinned prematurely. It contains 78% punicic acid, is a strong anti-inflammatory with anti-microbial, cell regenerative properties that support collagen health. The plant hormones help keep skin toned and plumped. Other properties help protection against sun damage promoting even skin tone, soothing dry skin and fending off free radicals that can reduce the breakdown of collagen fibers.

Radiant Beauty Infusion: Using either sunflower or grape seed we use a 4 week infusion process with nutrient - rich botanicals of calendula, hibiscus, lavender, rose, rosemary leaf, dandelion, nettle, borage, moringa and artemisia grown at the our farm and willow-bark and arnica sourced from other conscious growers from around the world.

Meadowfoam: High in Vitamin E, this ingredient adds more antioxidant protection adding in reparative properties for skin damage.

Rosehip: A beautiful ingredient that is full of vitamins and antioxidants. The botanical compounds aid in repairing and nourishing skin which = Radiant Skin. Rosehip helps to minimize and prevent scarring and its cell rejuvenating properties = Anti-aging. It contains 33% alpha linolenic acid which is very healing and anti-inflammatory. The Vitamin C content can help restore elasticity and protects agains sun and pollutant stressors = wrinkles.

Hemp (aka canabis salvia) is a remarkable botanical that is full of fatty acids like omega 3 and 6. It contains gamma linoleic acid which aides in a nutrient rich delivery of some mega moisture to skin. The anti-bacterial properties help to strengthen the skin, highly nourishing it.

Sea Buckthorn: We love the activity in this ingredient because it is a natural healer of damaged skin. Known as the "tree that makes the horse shine" says so much. Sea Buckthorn has been known to slow down signs of signs of aging by nourishing the skin tissue at those deeper levels. It contains 190 nutrients and phytonutrients. Just the Vitamin C content alone is 12x higher than that of an orange and 3x more than the Vitamin E in carrots and 4x more SOD (super oxide dismutase) which is a very important enzyme that helps prevent free radical damage. The International Journal of Health has a lot to say about SOD here. Loaded with antioxidants, this oil aides in the reduction of redness, inflammation and helps prevent water loss which equals premature aging. The beauty of SB is that is also has the ability to regenerate cells.`

Lavender: The Lavender we use in Golden Dew is from the beautiful Lavender fields in Bulgaria. The Lavender we use for our Radiance Beauty Infusion is grown at our farm. Aside from the calming and soothing aromatherapy benefits, the anti inflammatory properties in Lavender are known to help reduce redness, blotchy skin and acne scarring.

Helichrysum: We consider this oil, coming from Slovenia, to be the Queen of our Golden Dew Serum. It's a middle note aroma with beneficial properties that are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial along with aiding in skin regeneration as it has been known to reduce the appearance of age spots. This Queen helps skin stay soft and moisturized.

Bergamont: Our Bergamot comes from southern Calabria in southern Italy and as a middle note is known to enhance and uplift the mood. It also has properties that aid in inhibiting the growth of bacteria which is a boost to skin health.

Ylang Ylang: Being a favorite middle note, this oil promotes relaxation as well as having properties that treat inflamed skin - killing bacteria. Our Ylang Ylang is from a plantation in Northwest Madagascar.

Neroli: The rejuvenating and regenerating benefits of this middle note oil. It's been known to help diminish age spots, provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as revive skin at a cellular level. Tunisia is home to our Neroli.

Rose Geranium: This lovely, anxiety calming, top note has been known to enhance skin quality, stimulate circulation with its anti-inflammatory oil balancing benefits. Our Rose Geranium comes from South Africa.

Frankincense: A soothing, calming medium note oil has been known to support cellular function as a wrinkle fighter helping to lift and tighten skin naturally. Our Frankincense, known as the oldest perfume in the world, comes from the boswellia carterii tree native to Somalia.

Jasmine: Promoting a sense of harmony, Jasmine is a middle note that has anti-aging properties because of its antioxidant benefits. From India, Jasmine helps to treat dry skin, provide natural moisture without clogging pores. We love the way Jasmine is a nourishing and exotic pick me up.

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