Golden Dew | Balancing | Restoring Facial Serum

Golden Dew, our whole plant botanical serum delivers vitamins, minerals and needed nutrition to your skin. We formulated GDS to aid in repair and regeneration functioning at the cellular level. It does.
Made fresh at our farm and in small batches we use the world's best nutrient dense botanicals and essential oils that we can find. Our nourishing, balancing face oil is formulated to include our farms *Botanical Beauty Blend which is full of fatty acids that leave your face feeling soft and hydrated, restoring a natural radiance to your skin.

The 36 + active botanicals all so good for all skin conditions, especially mature and dry skin.

HOW TO USE: Place 4-6 drops in the palm of your hands, press them together, then gently massage Golden Dew into all areas of your face. Use alone or better yet, layer with Cloud, our rich, nighttime balm.

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