Luna - Nourishing Oil Cleanse

Packed with anti-bacterial botanical properties, Luna, is your nighttime nourishing oil cleanse, that will aide in removing all traces of makeup + dirt from the day’s pollutants.  If you live in a metro city, one cleanser is not enough- you need two. Luna is 1st and your 2nd is one of our cleansing milk bars like Activated Charcoal with Rosemary or Canyon Pink Clay with Grapefruit. 

All the ingredients included in Luna have so many skin nourishing benefits. 

HOW TO: Use 4-5 pumps in the palm of your hand, press your hands together and then massage gently into your skin. Wet your hands and massage upward a bit more – or using a soft, damp (very warm) cloth, gently sweep upward until your face is cleansed. Allow all the goodness of Luna to soak into your skin. For your second, necessary cleanse, we suggest one of our cleansing bars.

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